European Budget: The president doesn’t say anything

In the perspective of the series of posts on the European Budget, I submitted a question to Council President Herman von Rompuy, viw the website, of which I already told you about.

The original text of my question is the following:

The Parliament just backed the Commission position on the EU budget, which clearly opposites the wishes of many prominent voices at the Council. As council Pres., how do you think the budget should evolve in the future ?

Mr von Rompuy answered the question in the following video:

As you can see, the answer is very lite (less than 30 secondes dedicated to the answer) and the opinion of Mr von Rompuy, the object of my question, is just: «I will work for the budget that will serves the financial needs of the Union and its citizens».

Let’s be optimist and interpret this as a support by the Council President to a budget that gives the Union the means of its actions.


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