Fate stands now upon the razor’s edge

(I’ve been saving this quote for some time, hoping I won’t have to use it)

The title quote of this post comes a loIliad, in book ten. At that point in the story, the Greeks (actually Acheans) are under a direct threat from the Trojan warriors that are sleeping just at the limit of their camps and facing the greatest danger. Their boats will almost be set on fire in the upcoming battle while their leaders will fail to counter-attack effectively.

Of course, you see the analogy: the Euro is also under attack and its fate might be sealed in the upcoming days, weeks or months.

In the Iliad, salvation for the Greeks will come only after Patroclus is killed and stripped of his armor by Trojan heroes Hector. Only after that will Achilles rise and take arms to save the invading army (and avenge his friend)

Will the European leaders need to see a country brought down to a painful default before waking up and start fighting for the European currency ? Hopefully not, but for the moment, they look as confused as the Achean lords in the darkest hours of the Iliad.


2 Comments on “Fate stands now upon the razor’s edge”

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