[Dysfunctioning EU (?)] The non elected officials

Is the EU not functioning properly ? Let’s see.

One of the many critics addressed to the EU is that Union officials are not elected, hence a democratic deficit in the institutions. Is it really the case ?

Yes :

Indeed, some people holding significant positions in the EU institutions are not elected : The president of the Council (Herman von Rompuy), the High Representative for Foreign Affairs (Cathy Ahston), the ECB president (J.C. Trichet), and in a lesser measure the president of the Commission (J.M. Barroso) are designated behind closed doors by the head of states and government.

However :

This situation is largely criticized by other actors of the European world : many ask for candidacy to these post in the frame of the Parliamentary elections, and a greater control of the parliament on official nominations. Already, the parliament votes to valid the Commission composition.

Moreover, let us remember that the European Parliament and the member of the council are elected in their country – directly or not, depending on the member state – by the citizens.

In other words : The European Union could indeed be more democratic, but it is not the tyrannic non-elected dictatorship that some people pretend it to be.


One Comment on “[Dysfunctioning EU (?)] The non elected officials”

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