[Dysfunctioning EU (?)] A Europe of technocrats

Are the European Institutions in the hands of technocrats ? And is it good ?

To the word:

(french) dictionary tells us that a technocrat practices politics on the ground of it technical abilities. The technic being a method, a way of doing things.

In short, if we take the word technocrat to its value, it is not necessary a bad thing, since the technocrat is doing politics using method, a guarantee of efficiency usually.

The reality:

In real life, one seldom thinks about an expert technician guiding the EU with savoir-faire when speaking about technocrat. The term is used in a derogatory way to criticize the technicians who, without being elected, take decisions without consulting the citizens.

And it is true: the president of the Council or the ECB are not elected and have a rather technical work, rather that a political one.

Politic or Technic ?

The politics can lead to gridlock at the european level: just look at the Euro crisis situation to convince yourself. The ECB technicians don’t have free hands to devise solutions and have to fiddle hard and inefficient compromises.

But not being elected, the technician does not report on his decisions and is not responsible  in front of the citizen ; which keeps the Union away from the citizen.


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