[Dysfunctioning EU (?)] Is the Euro at the origin of the crisis ?


The financial crisis started some years ago, in the USA, where complex financial products created a real estate bubble fueled by irresponsibly easy credit. The burst of the bubble did weaken the banks and the consequences are still felt today.

Also, No because the crisis exists almost everywhere : not only in the eurozone country, but also in the UK, USA, Japan, …

The Euro is a complicating factor:

The euro must accommodate 17 national economies under a single monetary policy, that is a complication because national economies do not have the flexibility they would have if they had the control of the currency (typically, operations like quantitative easing  are dealt with at the European level). It’s the problem of One Size Fits All.

A solid anchor:

The euro zone, if it lacks some flexibility, has the advantage of being a large economic zone, and overall, relatively stable. If there are sensitive points, it is still a massive economic actor that nobody really wants to see explodes.


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