No, it’s not

Following the indignados protests in Spain, some american protestors started the movement “occupy wall street“, which does exactly what the name suggests.

One of their slogan is “This is what democracy looks like”#, see yourself on the following video from a spin-off protest in Boston.

Well, I am very sorry for this protestors, but I have to strongly disagree with their statement. Democracy does not – or should not – look like that. I am pretty sure that what Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Rousseau, … had in mind when they thought of a better political system that would involve all citizen.

Sure, democracy guarantee you the right to protest and express your opinion, but it is very unfair to it to say it looks like a group of people chanting in the street with no clear message.


One Comment on “No, it’s not”

  1. […] If indeed the 99% represent the very large majority of the population, they don’t have to worry a bit about their future. Why ? Because they live in a democratic society and that elections are coming up. Therefore, they just have to go to the voting booth and cast their vote for the candidate that is the closest to their demand. That is what democracy looks like. […]

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