[Budget 2012] The parliament gives its numbers

The European Parliament budgetary committee stated its final figures that will be put forward for vote by the entire assembly before the end of the month.

MEPs pretty much restored the budget proposed at the beginning of the year by the Commission and which was rather cut by the Council. The proposed budget increases by about 5% compare to last year.

The big winner categories are the Cohesion and Structural funds and Research and Development with increase by 10 and 8 %. The parliament also slashed 15 millions of euros from its own budget.

The MEPs vote will kick-off the conciliation process between Parliament, Council and Commission in November. If the three institutions can agree on a budget, there will be a budget before December. Otherwise, the commission might need to put forward a completely new budget, and the all process will start again. Hopefully, although we will see a showdown between Parliament and Council, an agreement in the middle will be possible before 2012 starts.

Read more on the topic here, here, there, and the figures are here (pdf).


2 Comments on “[Budget 2012] The parliament gives its numbers”

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