[Dysfunctioning EU (?)] A Union of Elites

Are the European Union Institutions hold by elites and lacking the democratic input of average citizens ?

In the hand of the elite : I hope so.

The original definition of elite is Someone who is among the best at certain task – from the latin eligere: to choose. And indeed, one can hope that those in charge of the European Institutions are the best of their field, because international issues involving 27 governments, plus the rest of the world, are hugely complicated, which means average citizen can have some trouble keeping up. Having the best of the best in charge does not means we cannot be part of the decision process and that the decisions are not taken with our interests in mind.

But stick to the definition.

However, the word ‘elite’ tends to lose its original meaning and is more and more considered with a very negative way as a gentlemen club which work in its own interest, in close circuit, behind closed doors and take decisions without any consideration for the citizens.

The EU is not suffering from this kind of elite yet. To prevent any drift toward a closed and self declared elite lead EU, we have to make sure the citizen stays in the decisions process, first by being active in the EU by getting informed and voting responsibly to European (and national) elections.


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