Is OWS a religious movement ?

Two days ago, I walked by the Occupy Berkeley camp and witnessed a strange scene.

At the original Occupy Wall Street protest/camp in NYC is denied the use of megaphone, the people there developed a communication mode to allow all the protesters to hear the speakers during the meeting: it is a sort of téléphone arabe where all attendants repeat what the speaker said, making the message travel thru the crowd.

This method is justified for large crowd and lack of megaphone ; however, in Berkeley I saw a group of ten to fifteen protestors, listening to a speaker equipped with a working megaphone. Despite the fact that the speech was easy to hear for everyone, the attendees were repeating en chœur every group of words, in a way that I can only describe as religious.

This obviously was not just a funny behavior brought by necessity but obviously a choice of method, that has no practical justification… Does this happen only on this occasion, or is it a common practice for other small OWS meeting ? I don’t know, but the prayer-like flavor of what I saw was greatly disturbing.


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