OWS, are they the 99% ?

The Occupy Wall Street Movement found a catchy tag line in “We are the 99%“. A reference to the wealth gap between the top 1% of the highest income household and the rest of the tax payers in the US. #

This catchphrase leads to two remarks :

The power of democracy.

If indeed the 99% represent the very large majority of the population, they don’t have to worry a bit about their future. Why ? Because they live in a democratic society and that elections are coming up. Therefore, they just have to go to the voting booth and cast their vote for the candidate that is the closest to their demand. That is what democracy looks like.

It’s easy to be in the 99%

By the sheer power of mathematic, it is very easy to be part of the 99% of a population. In fact, some prominent and rather rich personality of the US politic are part of the 99%#, although  their concerns are very different from the protesters… Therefore, the 99% is a bit misleading. If the OWS protest has a large support among the population, the 99% figure might be a little over estimated.


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