Why Papandreou should go

Whatever the good intention of Greek PM G. Papandreou might be, I believe the only good move left to him is to go… Not as in throwing the towel and leave us with the mess; he must reach an agreement with all the Greek political parties to form a national unity government and once it’s done, step down. Why ? because he lost his last bit of credibility.

  • In Greece, citizens will definitely see him as submissive to Merkozy after trashing the referendum proposal. The Greek people have seen their opportunity to speak for themselves taken away and will certainly resent this.
  • As for the international partners (EU, ECB, IMF, …) will clearly see Papandreou as unreliable, for the exact same reason: this brief threat of referendum.
Clearly, both inside and outside of Greece, G. Papandreou has lost the trust of his partners and that is why by staying as the head of government he weakens the Greece position in the international negotiations.
Greece needs a national unity/salvation government, something G. Papandreou failed to provide.

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