Are EU-enthusiasts in denial of democracy ?

In the last month, a few opportunity has been given for the euro-bubble to express themselves on issues related to democracy.

  • First, the short-lived announce of a referendum in Greece, on the issue of austerity. The general reaction was that then-PM Papandreou was playing with fire. I called the referendum the wrong right thing to do, and argued that the referendum was bringing chaos to Europe, threatening it to explode.
  • The remplacement of G. Papandreou by Mr Papademos, without any referendum or vote from the Greek citizens was accepted as PM immediately and held responsible by other EU leaders # and the markets.
  • A couple of weeks after, it is the turn of Italian PM S. Berlusconi to be deposed while Italy faces rising interest rates on the financial markets. Even as Italian cheer the departure of the cavaliere, they don’t get to vote to replace him by M. Monti. Many were those, including myself, who then explained that the markets were not responsible, democracy was safe. # #
In these conditions, one can ask, and I did ask to myself, this question: would the pro-EU go so far as to put the survival of the institutions they support above the democratic expression of the citizens ? 
I do not believe so.
At least, I hope that it is not the case for myself. I truly believe in democracy, in the expression of citizen and in the right of people to have their voice heard.
I am deeply disturbed of the pressure and the urgency that markets put on governments, obviously, the time scale of financial world is much shorter than the one of Politics. This is why I think a unique, centralized body of economic governance for the whole eurozone, with a mandate to govern the monetary union and the ability to take initiatives and act quickly is the best solution.

One Comment on “Are EU-enthusiasts in denial of democracy ?”

  1. spanishwalker says:

    I could not believe that some of my friends and colleagues were so afraid of a referendum, I mean the concept of the popular consultation. It is true that Papandreu used the referendum as a blackmail to force the oposition to agree with the government, puting in risk all the eurozone for a nationalistic reason.

    My friends were also happy because Berlusconi -being a good politician or not- was forced to resign. The worst is that Monti announced that wont be elecctions in Italy until 2013!. Italy will have a government without being democratically ellected. The same case for Greece.

    For me both cases look like a coup d’etat of the market and financial world.

    As a pro European, but not fanatic, the EU should provide more public consultations more often. And not to be afraid of the people thinking.

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