When the UK was in favor of federal union

More than 70 years ago, when the European Union was nothing more than a blurry dream in the mind of some thinkers, the first tentative of uniting countries as one nation came from across the Channel… Forget about the French-German duo, Europe could have been led by the UK and France.

In the first months of 1940, as the Nazi army progresses through Europe and the French government withdraw to Bordeaux, Churchill, following the proposition of among others Jean Monnet (the usual suspect when talking about federal union) propose « that France and Great Britain shall no longer be two nations but one Franco-British Union» [1]

The proposal was accepted by the british war cabinet but rejected by the French – in fact, Churchill did not really believe this succeed, but he viewed it as a way to shake up the government of Paul Reynaud. It was in a way effective, Reynaud resigned  the same day and left the Maréchal Pétain in charge.

See on [2] and references inside.


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