2012, election year – In the US

Election season is just over the corner in the United States, and it will last all year-long… Along with parliamentary elections, B. Obama’s term is reaching its end and he will obviously try to get a second one. In front of him, the republican candidate will be… That is the question of course.

The Republican party will choose his candidate through the well-known – but not well understood – process of primaries.

Seven candidates are running against each other to get the republican nomination, and the fight is on with the very first primary vote on January 3rd in Iowa, a very small state but with a huge psychological impact for the following votes.

The republican primaries will be the race to follow, because this year, more than the state of the economy (very slowly recovering in the US), it is the personality of B. Obama’s opponent that will decide the outcome of the presidential election. Two possibilities exist:

  • Either Mitt Romney is nominated. In which case it will be a very hard fight for B. Obama. Romney seems to be a very moderate and pragmatic republican. Someone who one can talk with and not a very big difference as far as floating voters are concerned as the outgoing president.
  • Or any other republican candidate get the nomination. In which case, most of the electorate will prefer to vote a second term for Barrack Obama, to avoid a president with extreme republican views.

Follow all the presidential campaign here


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