SOTU: Obama does not care for europe

In the last State of the Union speech of his first term, US president B. Obama talked about economy, social justice and healthcare… But did not mention Europe – not even to mention the crisis we are in at the moment and the risk for the world economy.

The only mention of Europe was made in the following statement: «Our oldest alliances in Europe and Asia are stronger than ever.»

It is not the first time that I point out the lack of interest from Mr Obama for the European continent and the European Union in particular. Even a major crisis cannot get the US president to look at us… One more sign that EU should work out the differences between the member states and give itself the means to be a real, strong, world player.


One Comment on “SOTU: Obama does not care for europe”

  1. Joe says:

    I think what you meant to say is “Obama doesn’t care abouot Europe” in his State of the Union speech. It’s a speech directed at the American population on teh subject of the condition of the United States. It has nothing to do with Europe for that specific and simple reason.

    I hope you’ll recognize at some point, that everything everyone does and thinks are not necessarily about Europeans’ interests. Nor are our elections.

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