Realpolitik is killing the euro

Realpolitik is often seen as a way to move forward, to avoid conflicts and deadlocks, and to increase international influence by a realistic approach of issues. And this is true, such pragmatic approach is likely to favor the resolution of problems without creating new ones.

However this political philosophy which clearly prevailed in the European Union, in particular regarding the so called eurozone crisis, presents an important drawback: it is, by nature attentiste and bound to react to the events and not foresee the problems to tackle the issue before they arise.

That is definitely what is lacking today in the resolution of the crisis: a sense of purpose for the future, a project and ideas.So clues of what could be done are thrown around, but not really discussed or backed by serious political commitment. It is not even clear if the eurozone wants to stick together or if an exit for countries in difficulty could happen.

It is time to have a solid project and ambition for the eurozone and europe, otherwise, financial markets and foreign political actors will not take us seriously.


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