[Dysfunctioning EU (?)] Intergovernmental Europe

With the current economic crisis and the rise of euro-skeptics political parties, the question of an intergovernmental Europe is gaining momentum: Do we really need all the EU institutions and treaties ? Would not simple inter government agreements be enough ?

Bare minimum

For neighbor states whose economies are linked, a political coordination is needed; whether it is on topics of economy, taxes, employment, immigration, … In this point of view, a formal frame is welcome, but the full complexity of the European Union is not necessary.

But not enough

But it would be a big mistake to consider that enough: the economic, employment, immigrations, … challenges faced by the member states are not so different or so independent  that just a coordination would be a solution solid enough.

We need global solutions. Which implies, it is true, more complex solution that may deprive the states of a part of their independence. But it is the only way to put together real win-win-… (23x win)-win answer to today’s challenges.


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