Freedom of movement in the Union

During my trips, it happen several times that I had my identity checked at the hotels I was staying in… So I asked my self: “Is it compatible with the freedom of movement of citizens in Europe ?” I put the question up on this blog [1] and the general consensus was that it was just a way to avoid non-payment

I pushed my research a bit farther in the official journal of the EU and found directive  2004/38/CE [2] which defined the conditions of free movement for citizens. It says that :

All Union citizens with a valid identity card or passport […] shall have the right to leave the territory of a Member State to travel to another Member State. (article 4-1)

What about ID control ? This is perfectly authorized in the directive in article 5-5:

The Member State may require the person concerned to report his/her presence within its territory within a reasonable and non-discriminatory period of time.

The ID control of travelers by member states is perfectly ok.

See also: [3]

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