Domain name retirering

After a long agony, it seems impossible that I will pick up this blog again. The content will stay online, but the domain name mapping is expired and the old blog posts will only be available via the url:

I will continue to be (somehow) active on twitter @gh_eu and continue to contribute to 27etc.


A question to the euro-sphere

Some of you, euro-travellers, may have experienced what could be described as an identity control when spending the night in a hotel in some European countries. I think in particular to Italy where the hotel staff ask for identification(documenti) upon arrival, and also to Finland, where the traveller fill out a form indicating his time of stay and country of origin.

This raise some questions:

  • Does this kind of control happen in other countries (I did not visit all of them — yet) ?
  • What is the purpose of it ?
  • How does this stand in respect to the freedom of circulation in the European Union ?

If you experienced such control or have some kind of answer, please contribute on the comments section of by twitter.

Blogguer pour l’Europe

Blogger est bon pour l’Europe !

Depuis trois a réussi à proposer une collection de blogs et autre site-web liés à l’Union Européenne. C’est un excellent portail pour obtenir les dernières informations et les analyses les plus incisives des affaires Européennes. Bonne Anniversaire !

En tant que bloggeur, j’utilise BP comme source d’information et une partie du trafic de ce blog en provient également. En bref: ce portail est un outilsde grande valeur pour la sphère bloggo-européenne. Nous souhaitons à ce portail et à toute son équipe une longue et joyeuse, et les assurons de notre soutient.

Dans le reste de l’actualité des blog européens, l’ “Euro-apéro” de Janvier organisé par les cabris de l’europe se tiendra ce samedi, et le nom  de domaine de ce blog vient d’être renouvelé: la promesse de nombreux posts à venir.

Blogging for Europe

Blogging is good for Europe !

For three years, has magnificently managed a pool of blogs and EU-related websites. It is a great portal to get the latest news and deepest insights on the European Affairs. Happy Birthday !

As a blogger, I use BP as a source of information ; and it is also where some of this blog traffic comes from. In short: it is a unvaluable tool for the euro-bloggo-sphere. We wish the portal and the team a long and happy life, and assure them of my support.

In other euro-blogging news, the January “Euro-apéro” organized by les cabris de l’europe will be held this Saturday, and this very blog domain name as been renewed, a promise of more blogging to come here.

Don’t worry, everything is going according to plan

The euro crisis and everything related: do not worry, it is all going according to plan. At least, that what I read on a eurosceptic blog post reacting to one of my post. The comments by the owner of the blog says :

the Euro was set up deliberately to have a series of crisis, in order to give an excuse to facilitate political union

So, do not be afraid: since the Maastricht treaty in 1992, our democratically elected leaders have playing with our economies in order to get «more Europe»… Hopefully, this strategic crisis has a secret solution that will be used once the citizens fold to «full EU integration». The only problem in that game is that people might notice the secret goal of the euro-dictators and may not accept the «giant leap towards» integration… The precisely prepare scheme is «all coming undone».

Note that despite this diabolic plan, the «the Euro is flawed, everything about it is flawed»; but apparently, it’s all on purpose.

Are EU-enthusiasts in denial of democracy ?

In the last month, a few opportunity has been given for the euro-bubble to express themselves on issues related to democracy.

  • First, the short-lived announce of a referendum in Greece, on the issue of austerity. The general reaction was that then-PM Papandreou was playing with fire. I called the referendum the wrong right thing to do, and argued that the referendum was bringing chaos to Europe, threatening it to explode.
  • The remplacement of G. Papandreou by Mr Papademos, without any referendum or vote from the Greek citizens was accepted as PM immediately and held responsible by other EU leaders # and the markets.
  • A couple of weeks after, it is the turn of Italian PM S. Berlusconi to be deposed while Italy faces rising interest rates on the financial markets. Even as Italian cheer the departure of the cavaliere, they don’t get to vote to replace him by M. Monti. Many were those, including myself, who then explained that the markets were not responsible, democracy was safe. # #
In these conditions, one can ask, and I did ask to myself, this question: would the pro-EU go so far as to put the survival of the institutions they support above the democratic expression of the citizens ? 
I do not believe so.
At least, I hope that it is not the case for myself. I truly believe in democracy, in the expression of citizen and in the right of people to have their voice heard.
I am deeply disturbed of the pressure and the urgency that markets put on governments, obviously, the time scale of financial world is much shorter than the one of Politics. This is why I think a unique, centralized body of economic governance for the whole eurozone, with a mandate to govern the monetary union and the ability to take initiatives and act quickly is the best solution.

Another Bloggo-step at the Council

The EU council pilot project to let bloggers attend the Council meetings is going to episode 2. editors and bloggers Joe (@litterbasket) and Ron (@ronpatz) will be following the council on Justice and Home Affairs this week.

Follow them on twitter, and on

By statistics, europe day is a success

How to measure the success of Europe day for a Euroblog ? Look at the statistics: Today, EU Weekly received almost four times more visits than the average, most of them directed towards the posts dedicated on May 9th. Same for the search engine terms used to get here, mostly on the topic on May 9th. I even got a euro-skeptic commentary claiming the EU is a dictatorship, that’s definitely a plus.

From that, I conclude that people are interested in the European union, and don’t stay apathetic in a ‘europe-day-who-cares’ way, but want to know more about it.  Good for them, and good for the Union.

Busy, busy, busy

Les posts se font rares ces derniers temps, je m’en excuse. J’ai été pas mal occupé et je ne peux pas me consacrer à ce blog autant que je le souhaiterais. D’autre part, certains auront remarqué que je contribue pour 27etc. ou le Taurillon, ce qui me prend aussi du temps.

Retour des billets dès que possible.

On the road again

Avis à la population, l’auteur de ces lignes quitte les plaines du mid-west américains (fuyant en même temps la perspective d’un shutdown du gouvernement) pour revenir en terres Européennes.

Mes activités lors de ce passage par la France ne seront pas particulièrement Européennes, d’autres agendas me dictant l’emploi de mon temps.

Posts et tweets seront moins fréquents, je m’excuse de la gêne occasionnée.