Domain name retirering

After a long agony, it seems impossible that I will pick up this blog again. The content will stay online, but the domain name mapping is expired and the old blog posts will only be available via the url:

I will continue to be (somehow) active on twitter @gh_eu and continue to contribute to 27etc.


I said I was coming back

And I will…

I am just wrapping up stuff with my PhD. With the highlight of the defense next week. If you stop by Orsay, France on Thursday morning, come and discover the mysteries of Super Heavy Elements stability. (Also, there will be a buffet after).

Back from a far away land

As you may have noticed, this bog was dormant for the past 6 months or so… This was due to me being overwhelmed with work: I am just finishing a PhD. on stability of Transfermium elements and was also tied up by personal projects like getting married during the summer.

I will now be able to get back to my blog-posting activity and this blog and my twitter account @gh_eu will progressively go back into activity. After such a long sleep, the format of the posts will be fresh.

Stay tuned !

I am sorry, so sorry

As you may know, I left this blog untouched for the last few weeks, even months… I am very very very busy with a lot of work, and though I still keep an eye on all things European, I don’t have the time to translate that into blogposts. But I have much to say and a few projects notes and long articles. I’ll be back as soon as I can to writing…


Il semblerait que Brice Hortefeux n’a pas pensé à mettre à jour sa photographie pour le bénéfice du site web du parlement européen.


I am mad at the Euro

Well, not the euro per se, more the people who made it and have the future of the European currency in their hands.

I am mad and disappointed.

I am mad at an half finished euro, which has been created without any sort of exit close in the treaty – Not that I ever wish for such a close to be used, just that it is a good sign of a well thought project to have an end-point ready, just in case.

I am mad at an over-optimistic eurozone that accepted Greece despite its lag in matching the growth and stability criteria and continued to ignore the obvious reality as long as things were looking OK and the illusion could be held.

I am mad because the euro is not just a great project or a nice dream. It has become a reality, it has been built upon and brought successful growth and integration among the european states. The euro add solid results and consequences making it impossible to be dismantled or even weaken. It has to be saved, rebuild, made stronger… there is no other options.

That’s why more than anything I am mad and disappointed at the European leaders who fail again and again to tackle the problem and do what is needed to make the euro as strong as it is supposed to be. Every major actor of the financial world agrees to say that the best option is to go forward into a federalist union with eurobonds as the core of the public debt  for member states, but all that Merkozy et al. are doing is finding workarounds to the issue, half-fixing the problem for a few months.


The weather feels like the summer is already over, and I still did not get proper vacation. It is time to go offline for a few weeks.

Also, note that September will be very busy for me, so don’t expect too much on this blog before some time.

Notice of absence

Dear reader and blog visitor.

As I will pass the next (June 11th-17th) week in conference, and then be kept busy by the process of moving back on the European continent, updates and posts on this blog will be non-existent, most likely until the end of the month.

Until then, there is plenty of euroblogs to go to ; you are also invited to read the archives on this blog.

Busy, busy, busy

Les posts se font rares ces derniers temps, je m’en excuse. J’ai été pas mal occupé et je ne peux pas me consacrer à ce blog autant que je le souhaiterais. D’autre part, certains auront remarqué que je contribue pour 27etc. ou le Taurillon, ce qui me prend aussi du temps.

Retour des billets dès que possible.