Week of Feb. 12th

(French Version)

Here are a few pieces of news from this euro-week:

  • Hungary accepts to modify its controversial law on media control, which the Commission judged “non satisfying”  [*]
  • The European Commission is preparing a text on the right to forget on the internet [*]
  • Still at the Commission, the proposal made last summer on the GM crops authorizations is moving forward [*]. I did voice my critics at the time
  • Anti-Berlusconi protests are getting stronger in Italy [*,*]
  • The next president of the European Central Bank (who will take over after the end of J-C Trichet’s term in Autumn) won’t be German… So, who will it be ? [*]
  • MEPs are a bit annoyed by the round trip from Brussels to Strasbourg. But it’s going to continue for a while [*]
  • N. Sarkozy is following A. Merkel and D. Cameron to declare that multiculturalism is over [*]
  • The euro is playing roller coaster, between $1.35 et $1.37 this week [*]

Warning : During the next 20 days or so, I will be back in Europe, which paradoxically means I won’t be able to spend as much time blogging and tweeting as usual. EU Weekly is going on vacation, but I promise you some nice surprises after that. If really you miss me, I’ll be at the next #euro-apéro.


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